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Why hasn't my order shipped yet?



  • Maurene Blake

    Why I haven't received a tracking number for my order of Peter Navaro Book In Trumps Time?

    I order it in July.


  • Maurene Blake

    The book title was input wrong Taking Back Trumps America....Sorry I got the titles mixed up.

    I haven't received a tracking number for Taking Back Trumps America.


  • Cathy Covington

    I have not received a tracking number for the book I’m so Glad You we’re Born. I ordered this weeks ago and paid extra for the faster shipping. My grandson’s birthday is November 1. Can you please let me know if it’s shipped and send a tracking number?

  • Margaret Saiber

    I've been waiting on tracking number with no luck. It was a gift and would like to know if they received their book.
    Very hard to get any help.

  • Estrella Sierra

    Same order on Dec '23 have no tracking number. I get it might be after the live signing but keeping us updated would be nice. Also if you answer these questions


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